Sunday, January 17, 2010

More more more

I have been a damn MACHINE the past few days. This is just a pic from the other day to show what I had been practicing. Yesterday I pretty much crocheted alllll day with breaks to eat pizza, eat a couple cookies and a few other things. My shoulder is starting to get tired but I don't care because now I have a little bag started of pretty crocheted shapes. My plan is to keep crocheting like a maniac until the wedding and then we are going to stitch a bunch of the pieces together into some amazing things!

The other day my friend Casie pointed me towards The Hood Internet mixtape volume 4 and I am loving it! It's all mash ups, which I feel like can be really hit or miss, but the majority of these are pretty good. It makes me want to have a dance party really really really soon. Check it out!

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  1. oooh they're like pretty, colorful snowflakes. i like!