Monday, September 28, 2009


Last night I felt a little bit like my hands were going to fall off. With the exception of gelato date and drive with Adam I spent most of the day either working on a cross stitch or crocheting. I finished the cross stitch and I'll post some pictures soon. However, the crochet is another story.

Last weekend I decided that I needed to make an afghan for Adam and I's house. I think it was part not really having any blankets that aren't dogified in the living room and part cooler weather. (Oh and part having a new giant TV and Netflix dvds and instant queues that needed to be watched. ) After a failed attempt at a solid granny square I started on a traditional one and then left it all week. Then this weekend I kept going, and going and goind and I will continue to keep going until it's big enough.

I'm using cotton yarn and even though it's still small it's already feeling soooooo cozy.  So I would like to thank disc 3 and 4 of Madmen season 1, the last 3 episodes of Law & Order SVU season 2 and last but not least the first 5 or 6 episodes of The Tudors, season 2. The Tudors left me weepy because even though I know it's history (or, well, amped up Showtime version of history) I still didn't want Sir Thomas More to be executed and was secretly hoping they would take some really big creative license and make him take the oath just so he could stay on the show. But sometimes I am just selfish like that.

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