Monday, June 29, 2009

Small world

Sometimes the internet feels so small! Today I got a google alert about this post at Game Set Watch about the sisters from The Path as S. Jane bears. Then I noticed that my drawing was found via my friend from college, Zachary. Theeeen I noticed that the name of the writer sounded familiar and it ends up it was the husband of the maker of awesome purses, Lexi (Seriously, I have a wristlet made by her and it's the cutest ever!), who I know through Etsy and other internet places.

I don't know, you guys. I just think it's kind of funny when things like this happen.

1 comment:

  1. Woa!

    You know Eric Caoili's wife? He runs Tiny Cartridge, one of my favorite off-beat video game sites. I had no idea he was married to Saint Lexi! I love her shop, she has these awesome typewriter button earrings up right now that I would totally get (you know, if I could pull off something like that).