Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Party! Party! Party!

So this past Friday my super awesome pal Ashley and I had a CMYK themed birthday party together. It was so much fun. SO much fun. We made prizes, painted our faces, made a little photo "booth" and made decorations. It was a total blast! I think that the biggest hit, prize wise, were the sashes we made!

Here is our pal, Matt, displaying some of the sashes to everyone. Some we were won through games and some people just deserved them.

Matt ended up winning the 'champ' sash during the limbo contest after his suggestion that the person with the coolest tattoo of their last name (he has Bliss tattooed on his arm, which also happens to be his last name) should get one didn't go over so well.

I was sick on my real birthday which was Sunday, but I'm starting to feel almost 100% again. Who even gets colds for their birthday?! Lame.

I will end this post sharing a picture from my 4th birthday in 1987.

Ok, jk, here is the last thing. So I didn't win the weekly Spoonflower contest, but I only lost by 58 votes and I feel like that's pretty damn good! Thanks to everyone who voted!


  1. That shirt is very... magenta. It kind of hurts, in an awesome way.

  2. So sad we missed you guy's party. It sounds like it was super-awesome! We were in route to a wedding in Salem though, which was also pretty cool. We should all get together and BBQ one of these days, soon!

  3. Kristin! I'm sad you missed it too! We should totally BBQ soon though, that would be rad!