Wednesday, July 9, 2008

boo, it's hot

bear and robot tattoo

so my fourth was awesome! adam's brother paul flew out from philly and we all spent it with my dad and brother in seattle. it was a good time and fun was had by all. paul was going to get that drawing up there tattooed on him but the place we wanted to go to was booked so hopefully he will be able to get it next time he comes to visit.

i spent what felt like an eternity on myspace sending out friend requests for the pdx craft mafia this morning. i must have sent over 100, which may not seem like all that many but when a ton of people have those capture things where you have to put in the letters, it gets kind of tiring! not to mention that i was moving room to room with my laptop trying to find the coolest spot in the house.

i feel like i had 5 million other things to write, but they're just not coming to me at the moment. i think my brain is momentarily fried from myspace/adobe illustrator being a jerk/heat/pc vs. mac/lack of cookies. i think i shall take a break. stat.

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