Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ok ok. so lately i'v e gotten on this kick of downloading game demos late at night and playing them. they usually only last an hour and since they are all casual games, you can more or less play through the whole thing in about that much time. adam got me one for my birthday called fashion solitaire which i pretty much love to death because you dress these little models, BUT what i really love about it is that you can customize the wardrobes. and oh man, it's so fun. it's almost like how i like to make sims and build them houses and then not actually play with them.
i feel like it's a really fun way for me to play with color and pattern in a context as opposed to when i play around on the colourlovers site.

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  1. I don't think I can get a copy of that game, I would spend way too much time with it!

    You sound like me with the Sims! I actually got really into modding the clothing in Sims2, even learning how to get into the programming to change body shapes and all. Just so I could do things like put a pair of flip flops instead of heels on the skirt shape I wanted, or make a different hair cut to match my own better.

    But then I tried to run the game to test my creations and make sure there were no glitches so I could post them for others to use. The game ran so slowly on my computer, it was torturous to get the girl to even walk to the dresser and change. Forget that!

    (We are getting a new computer next month, and I could probably run the game now, but I'm too busy to get back into modding!)