Monday, June 23, 2008

bears and stuff

MYM was good. a little bit slow, but i still really like going! i bought the best pair of underwear probably ever from my friend ashley of bullfight. i seriously can't get over how comfy they are!! i also finally got to meet morgan of franks and beans after having talked to her online a million times. her yarn is so beautiful and the colors are so vibrant!

it was nice this weekend. not too hot and a little bit breezy. we had a small bbq yesterday. it was a nice low key one for a sunday. we played wii and croquet. croquet is much more fun when you pretty much entirely ignore the rules and just crack the hell out of the balls.

so here are some more bears! i think i'm going to put them in the shop at some point today.

i'm sleeeeepy.


  1. glad you had fun at the show -your stuff is so adorable - I could buy it all up

  2. Those are soo cute!! Great job!