Tuesday, May 20, 2008

oh right! hey craft blog!

i guess the easiest way to sum up what i've been up to is to just say: look at my flickr!


oooh, i know that i have stuff to write, but i'm just too lazy right now. it's finally nice and cool in the house after being hot and sticky for the past few days. it's so nice. i'm kind of even looking forward to the fact that it might rain tomorrow.

here is a list of stuff i need to still do:

- illustration for swap graham
- necklaces for bobbi
- catch up on some etsy convos regarding custom/design work
- get together images and content for my website (what up, exporting and cropping images!)
- go to bed/wake up earlier
- finish finger puppets and sew new plush things
- lots
- of
- other
- stuff

may is the month of company! my oldest friend from maine visited for 2 weeks and it was so awesome! she left last week and then on the 30th two more maine friends arrive for a visit and my birthday (may 31st!!!) as well as my brother who will be coming down from seattle. i love having company so much! especially now that we have a super cozy guest room:

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