Saturday, January 19, 2008

flat bear 4 adam j.

the other day i set up my sewing machine. i've had it for a few years and hardly used it but the thing has been dropped not one, not two, but three times. once down a hill. yes, a hill. the first time it was dropped it was because the case wasn't shut correctly and i somehow managed to take it apart and fix it. i still, to this day don't know what i did, but i made it work. i spent the last couple days wracking my brain on where the stupid manual is because i couldn't remember how to thread the bobbin, or how to make a bobbin or how to even just thread the machine. i managed to figure that all out today and sat down to make something!

so i drew out a very loose pattern and went to work stitching my first little plush animal. it was going great until i realized i had gone all the way around and left no spot for stuffing. har har. i'm so smart. i thought about giving it like a little butt flap and stuffing it that way, but adam thought it was really cute flat and since it was going to be for him anyway, i left it flat. it is!

the back is pretty horrible looking. but at least now i've learned myself a few lessons!

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