Thursday, December 27, 2007

so every once and a while, when i'm bored i like to google my name and adam's name and my brothers. i don't know, maybe it's silly, but i find it kinda neat to search my name and have most of the results on the first page be about me! (even the very first listing!)

so anyway, just now i searched my name and found that some of my work had been featured on rhymes with twee! i love that she referred to my drawings as animals playing dress up! so cute!

now, i think this is super exciting because leigh is my first repeat customer who isn't someone i know in person! i mean, repeat a repeat customer is a pretty good feeling, right?! when i get back to eugene, i will send out her stuff and stick a little surprise in for sure.

more later! i hope everyone had a great holiday and got tons of awesome loot!

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