Monday, December 3, 2007

new stuff!

i'm doing a trade with Lexi from Saint Lexi on etsy and i'm really excited!! i'm sending her a journal that was in my etsy shop, but i painted it up and made it extra cute. i'm pretty happy with how it came out and i think i might actually make some more! i didn't initially think i would be able to paint right on the journal because i was worried that it might run, but i tried it on a extra one that had a messed up print and it worked just fine! so, yeah. good to know.

after i finished up the journal i was still in painty kind of mood, so i decided to make a new sticker set. i decided to make it all little animal ladies with big hair.

adam is trying to fix our super clogged sink. i hope it works out alright. so far so good i think.
although, i'm not sure that either of us know why it's so clogged in the first place.

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