Monday, September 24, 2007

so it seems that adam and i will be packing up and moving! again! it's funny to think that just a few months ago i had never lived outside maine and now i will have lived in 2 other states before the year is over! i'm excited though, i think i will like oregon more than i like wisconsin. i think i will just feel more at home there. green bay is nice, but adam and i are used to being able to walk places and go to the ocean and that kind of stuff, so it will be nice to be in a city like that again!

it sucks that we have to leave our house! it's so nice and big and in a really nice neighborhood, but oh well! i've already got my eyes set on some pretty adorable looking places on craigslist. so hopefully we will get to look at those when we go visit in a few weeks.


i haven't been very productive the past few days. it's partly just been me being lazy and also partly me being distracted by adam being home. i did do lots of printing the other night though! i made prints that i think i'm going to turn into notecards, stickers and some other these:

there were two coin purses, one of each twin, but i already sold the other one to a friend. i love those two drawings, i could literally print them on everything, buuuut i think i should probably stop some time soon.

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  1. Oh I posted on the newer post before I read you were moving! Good luck!