Friday, September 14, 2007

i finished up this illustration today. it's basically just a digital version of a little painting i did. i wish that i had a laser printer so i could make some little prints. that's one thing i definately miss having access to at school.

adam is working on my website today. i'm super excited! it's going to have the same woodgrain in the background as this blog does because i'm pretty crazy about woodgrain. we got more gocco supplies in the mail the other day and i can't wait to start printing more stuff. i just need to decide what it is i want to print now!

it's cold here today. it's only 51 degrees and it's kind of windy. i went outside to get the mail earlier and shivered the whole time. then i came in and put on awesome gray socks that have sharks all over them! SHARKS! i got them at old navy for 47 cents at old navy. what a buy!

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