Friday, August 3, 2007

ok, ok , ok. so i can already see that part of my future is going to entail having a pile of fabrics that i really love, but don't do anything with. i think i probably helped my mom with that over the past few years. there is quite a beautiful stash at her house!

anyway, these are beautiful and really really love them and would like to get my hands on some at some point. (i think i saw some on etsy!)

you can look at them here: Westminster Fabrics - Joel Dewberry collection. i really, really love woodgrain.

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  1. Okay, two things: Have you been to ReproDepot? You probably have, but in case you haven't, it's awesome and it makes me wish I could sew with a machine!

    Another thing: I just saw this on CRAFT: Paper Tag Contest
    You only win a t-shirt, but they'll probably put some of the tags they get in the mag, and that would be awesome publicity for you.

    One last thing... I ordered some stationery from Angela Adams and it's so cool... it's called Utopia. It's a good amount of stationery for $8! It rocks!

    And that is all. :)