Tuesday, July 31, 2007

hello again, felt! i love you!

i have a table now in my studio/craft room and adam and i got a router now we can use wireless. i really like my room! i spent all day in here yesterday and i plan on spending most of today in here too! the room is still kind of a mess though. i still have boxes on the floor with some stuff in them. oh well. i'll empty them soon enough.

i was productive yesterday. i made two more felt pals and a new heart badge. although, i kind of hate it. the colors aren't right. but that is besides the point because, oh man, you guys, i made this:
it's a mini wall hanging of the littel dog thing i've been drawing. i'm not that crazy about the little outfit. it started out as an attempt to make a little lab coat type deal, but it was too small and didn't work out. the whole thing, not including where the wire sticks up is a little shy of 2 inches. so i guess, if you really wanted to, you could wear it as a pendent.

i love working on small stuff. it's so delicate and fun. i'm really not sure how i have the patience. but i do.

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